“[Client’s name] and I would like to thank you very much for your unique piece. We were surprised to see how a photo was turned into a stained glass work without losing anything. We loved it! The details and choices of color could not be better. The last surprise was the timely manner in which it was delivered.” -G.N.

“Your glass piece is much appreciated and will become a part of our annual holiday celebration. Your doors are such a rich enhancement to our home and a daily reminder of your talent.” -B.P.

“Thank you again for your friendly and professional attitude and your numerous visits to our house to make sure that the job was done to our satisfaction.” – T.S.

“It’s unbelievable. It’s so beautiful. I couldn’t expect this. We weren’t expecting such a finished piece of work to look even better than its design on paper.” -S.P.

“I can’t believe how precise the lines are and the quality of workmanship, with such attention paid to the meticulous details.” -M.C.

“Wow! It’s soooo beautiful!” -S.F.

“I loved it so much. I was so impressed each time. After each piece was finished and installed, the next ones just kept getting better and better.” -C.S.

“Your works have become the very focal point of our home. We love it so much that we deliberately persisted until we got it featured in our local magazine!” -C.S.

“Whoever comes to our home and sees this dome asks about it mentions it. It’s the number one topic of conversation at any party whenever we entertain in our home. And I proudly tell them who designed it too.” -H.F.